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Sunday, April 13th, 2008 at 7:47:39pm UTC 

  1. Platform set to cowond2
  2. Build (N)ormal, (A)dvanced, (S)imulator, (B)ootloader, (M)anual: (Defaults to N)
  3. n
  4. Normal build selected
  5. Using source code root directory: /home/soap/rockbox
  6. Using arm-elf-gcc 4.0.3 (400)
  7. Using arm-elf-ld 2.16.1
  8. Found and uses ccache (/usr/bin/ccache)
  9. Created Makefile
  10. [email protected]:~/rockbox/build$ make
  11. gcc -O -g -W -Wall -Wshadow -pedantic rdf2binary.c -o rdf2binary
  12. gcc -O -g -W -Wall -Wshadow -pedantic convbdf.c -o convbdf
  13. gcc -O -g -W -Wall -Wshadow -pedantic codepages.c codepage_tables.c -o codepages
  14. gcc -DAPPLICATION_NAME=\"bmp2rb\" -O -g -W -Wall -Wshadow -pedantic bmp2rb.c -o bmp2rb
  15. ./bmp2rb -f 7 -h . iaudio_bl_flash.bmp >iaudio_bl_flash.c
  16. gcc -O -g -W -Wall -Wshadow -pedantic   -c -o scramble.o scramble.c
  17. scramble.c: In function ‘main’:
  18. scramble.c:128: warning: ‘slen’ may be used uninitialized in this function
  19. gcc -O -g -W -Wall -Wshadow -pedantic   -c -o iriver.o iriver.c
  20. gcc -O -g -W -Wall -Wshadow -pedantic   -c -o mi4.o mi4.c
  21. gcc -O -g -W -Wall -Wshadow -pedantic   -c -o gigabeat.o gigabeat.c
  22. gcc -O -g -W -Wall -Wshadow -pedantic   -c -o gigabeats.o gigabeats.c
  23. gcc -O -g -W -Wall -Wshadow -pedantic   -c -o telechips.o telechips.c
  24. gcc -O -g -W -Wall -Wshadow -pedantic   -c -o iaudio_bl_flash.o iaudio_bl_flash.c
  25. gcc -O -g -W -Wall -Wshadow -pedantic   -c -o creative.o creative.c
  26. gcc -O -g -W -Wall -Wshadow -pedantic   -c -o hmac-sha1.o hmac-sha1.c
  27. gcc -g  scramble.o iriver.o mi4.o gigabeat.o gigabeats.o telechips.o iaudio_bl_flash.o creative.o hmac-sha1.o   -o scramble
  28. gcc -O -g -W -Wall -Wshadow -pedantic mktccboot.c telechips.o -o mktccboot
  29. make[1]: `bmp2rb' is up to date.
  30. MAKE in bitmaps/mono
  31. AR+RANLIB libbitmapsmono.a
  32. MAKE in bitmaps/native
  33. BMP2RB rockboxlogo.320x98x16.bmp
  34. CC rockboxlogo.320x98x16.c
  35. arm-elf-gcc: Internal error: Segmentation fault (program as)
  36. Please submit a full bug report.
  37. See <URL:> for instructions.
  38. make[2]: *** [/home/soap/rockbox/build/apps/bitmaps/native/rockboxlogo.320x98x16.o] Error 1
  39. GENLANG afrikaans.lang
  40. GENLANG bulgarian.lang
  41. GENLANG catala.lang
  42. GENLANG czech.lang
  43. GENLANG dansk.lang
  44. GENLANG deutsch.lang
  45. GENLANG eesti.lang
  46. GENLANG english.lang
  47. GENLANG espanol.lang
  48. GENLANG esperanto.lang
  49. GENLANG finnish.lang
  50. GENLANG francais.lang
  51. GENLANG galego.lang
  52. GENLANG greek.lang
  53. GENLANG hebrew.lang
  54. GENLANG islenska.lang
  55. GENLANG italiano.lang
  56. GENLANG magyar.lang
  57. GENLANG nederlands.lang
  58. GENLANG norsk.lang
  59. GENLANG norsk-nynorsk.lang
  60. GENLANG polski.lang
  61. GENLANG portugues-brasileiro.lang
  62. GENLANG portugues.lang
  63. GENLANG romaneste.lang
  64. GENLANG russian.lang
  65. GENLANG slovenscina.lang
  66. GENLANG srpski.lang
  67. GENLANG svenska.lang
  68. GENLANG tagalog.lang
  69. GENLANG turkce.lang
  70. GENLANG wallisertitsch.lang
  71. GENLANG chinese-simp.lang
  72. GENLANG chinese-trad.lang
  73. GENLANG hindi.lang
  74. GENLANG japanese.lang
  75. GENLANG korean.lang
  76. GENLANG thai.lang
  77. Make /home/soap/rockbox/build/max_language_size.h
  78. Create sysfont.h
  79. CC ata_idle_notify.c
  80. arm-elf-gcc: Internal error: Segmentation fault (program as)
  81. Please submit a full bug report.
  82. See <URL:> for instructions.
  83. make[1]: *** [/home/soap/rockbox/build/firmware/ata_idle_notify.o] Error 1
  84. make: *** [build] Error 2


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