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Wednesday, March 26th, 2008 at 7:11:05pm UTC 

  1. Abstract :
  2.    Short summary about what you plan to do. This should describe your project in a few lines in a not too technical way
  4. Detailed Description :
  5.    The detailed description should consist of several parts:
  7.    - Task description and subdivision:
  8.      Describe your project in as much detail as possible (and necessary, no need to mention e.g. that you will set up a build environment)
  9.      Try to subdivide the project in logical sub-projects, and describe them separately
  11.    - Milestones and Project plan (can follow the task subdivision, but doesn't necessarily have to)
  13.      * Subdivide the working period in several parts, not more than one..three weeks long, and for each, describe what you plan to do in this time, and which deliverables will be finished at the end of it.
  15.    - Some questions about you
  17.      When answering these questions, please try to explain as good as possible
  18.      and "sell yourself" as we might use the answers you provide as basis for
  19.      selecting whom to accept as students. Your answers will not become public,
  20.      but will be read by Rockbox committers/gsoc mentors.
  22.      1. How many hours per week do you have planned/scheduled for your gsoc work,
  23.         should it get accepted? Any vacations or other time-consuming unrelated
  24.         stuff going on? (gsoc is roughly 12 weeks. 40 hours per week make 480
  25.         hours
  26.         of work.)
  28.      2. Have you built Rockbox yourself from source before?
  30.      3. What programming experience do you have, and in which languages? If those
  31.         don't include C, please tell us how you intend to deal with this lack.
  33.      4. What open source experiences do you have?
  35.      5. Have you previously been involved in Rockbox? If so, how?
  37.      6. Do you currently own a DAP? Have you owned any in the past?


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