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Tuesday, March 25th, 2008 at 9:49:43am UTC 

  1. #this document is meant to catalog all possible entries in the autogenix
  2. #.agx file format, version 0.0.1  THIS WILL CHANGE
  3. #i will turn this into an xml schema or DTD as soon as i figure out how
  5. #apkg, the autogenix package manager, in combination with astream, keeps
  6. #track of the user's current "installation" which is the sum of all their
  7. #posessions and skills. it is also used to test various 'pretend'
  8. #scenarios, either manually or using agimme.
  9. #packages and streams may not have the same names as units.
  11. #agimme, (in analogy to apt-get) will test various trees of package
  12. #combinations in order to try to satisfy the requested functionality
  13. #(quantity*efficiency*quality), while still staying within the specified
  14. #cost envelope (money*labor*skill*time*hazard). the user can specify a
  15. #vector along which to minimize costs. the concept of capital does not
  16. #exist in this scenario, since one can either buy or make any required
  17. #infrastructure as necessary.
  19. #if the current installation has the capability to produce the desired
  20. #functionality or package, agimme runs the source code for each package
  21. #in the tree. this might send commands to a rapid prototyper, produce
  22. #a web page with plans for the user to follow, or simply dump cad files
  23. #to stdout.
  25. #explanation of syntax:
  26. #section: item, {item}, [[package:capability]]
  27. #items in {} are instances of whole sections being included. this means
  28. #anything that can be specified in the other section can be specified.
  29. #a single item from another section can be included with {section:item},
  30. #but this is sloppy and is discouraged.
  31. #items in [[]]'s are capabilities of other packages being specified.
  32. #if you specify a package/capability, the other package is required for
  33. #the current mode.
  34. #for non-package (stream) requirements, the requirement is treated as a
  35. #unit. presumably each stream will have its own DTD/schema
  37. #mathematical operators <,>,=,*,/,^,- can be used when there is at least
  38. #one number or unit. capabilities and streams count as units.
  39. #multiple constraints are AND'ed together, unless separated by a comma or
  40. #logical operator
  41. #example (an unusual shucking machine that can use multiple power sources):
  42. # run-time: electricity 240V 3*phase >=35A*peak >5A*continuous |
  43. #   compressed-air "3/8-NPT-F" 90psi 5scfm, [[human:attention]] 0.2
  44. # provides: corn 0.5kg/corn-cob # this kinda sucks
  45. # teams-with: [[packaging]] >=5gal, conveyor123
  47. #example (a plug-in-hybrid car - dont you love my mixed units?)
  48. # package-name: pollywag-car
  49. # provides: electricity 144VDC <100A NEMA-1234, electricity 12V <100A,
  50. #   transportation peak 90mi/h 300kg 1m*length 0.5m*radius,
  51. #   storage 1m*length 0.5m*radius, temp +25C | -10C, [[computer]],
  52. #   transportation 50mile/(diesel gal) | electricity 0.1kWh/mi,
  53. #   electricity 10kWh/charge, diesel 6gal,
  54. # run-time: diesel | electricity 144VDC NEMA-1234 |
  55. #   electricity 240VAC*60Hz NEMA-4567 |
  56. #   electricity 120VAC*60Hz IEC-632  #gets cross-referenced
  57. #   road, human:attention 1*peak 0.3*continuous #road and human are packages
  58. # build-time: fiberglass 4oz*20m^2, epoxy 10ksi 3gal,
  59. #   steel-4340:tubing 20mm*radius 3mm*thick 100ft*length, #hmm
  60. #   Emotor-21, dieselengine-600, computer:embedded #etc.
  61. # recommends: road:paved
  62. # teams-with: solar-carport
  63. # storage: 3m*long 2m*wide 2m*high, temp >-15C <70C, 600kg
  65. #the idea is to specify as little as possible to enable unanticipated
  66. #combinations of packages and streams, but specify enough so that it's
  67. #guaranteed to work without hackery. the user can test various scenarios
  68. #by using apkg's ignore and pretend tools if they are so inclined.
  70. ====metadata====
  71. package-name: foo-bar2
  72. version: 2.7.183
  73. date: 03/23/08
  74. maintainer: donald duck
  75. homepage: <>,
  76.   <>
  77. icon: /usr/share/icons/autogenix/foo.svgz
  79. #things that arent really capabilites or requirements, they just "are"
  80. ===properties===
  81. #much of this can be got from MSDS databases and autogenerated
  82. hazard: #will limit what type of space the package can be used in
  83.   env-impact, cleanliness, noise, moving-parts, {power}, [[MSDS]]
  84. cost: #normally only specified for bought'n components+materials
  85.   purchase cost, environmental cost #TODO expand on this
  86. materials:
  87.   {cost}, {transportation}, {hazard}, {storage}, fatigue,
  88.   strength, elasticity, damping, chemical/wear resistance, surface-finish
  89. space:
  90.   #space is a package that is really more like a stream. it must? be a package
  91.   #because it provides a crude nesting/collision-detection unit test
  92.   #for determining whether the requested object will fit in the space
  93.   long, wide, high, radius, thick, volume #for more complex spaces ??
  94.   lighting, humidity, temperature, acceleration
  95. #TODO how to describe if something must stay right-side up?
  96. time:
  97.   #much like space, but for units of time
  98.   cycles, time-units
  99. complexity:
  100.   #this was supposed to gauge the amount of human effort required to
  101.   #inventory something, for example a cube would be less complex than a
  102.   #tangly spider-web. i might just use [[human:attention]]/cycle in
  103.   #the storage section instead
  104.   bits
  107. #each operating mode should have its own run-time section
  108. #typical simple packages will have one run-time, one build-time, and
  109. #one storage dependency
  110. ====Dependencies section====
  111. power:
  112.   electricity, compressed-air, hydraulics, belt-driven,
  113.   [[human:power]], [[animal:power]], fuel
  114. build:
  115.   {materials}, {assembly}, {process}
  116. process:
  117.   measurement-tolerance, cutting tolerance,
  118.   [[human:skill]]*{time}, {hazard}, {space}, {cost}
  119. test:
  120.   [[instruments]], {materials}, [[human:skill]], {process}
  121. transportation:
  122.   {storage}, permits, hold-downs, packaging
  123. assembly:
  124.   {space}, assembly-equipment, [[human:skill]]*{time}
  125. disassembly:
  126.   {assembly}
  127. run-time:
  128.   {materials}, {space}, {safety}, {power}, {process},
  129.   [[human:attention]], [[human:skill]]
  130. storage:  #complexity is provided by [[human]] or an automated inventory system
  131.   {space}, [[human:attention]]/cycle, mass, security
  132. #things that go here arent absolutely necessary but will make your life
  133. #much easier
  134. ==recommends==
  135. {Dependencies}
  137. #packages here will work synergetically with this package
  138. teams-with:
  139.   [[.*]], {capabilities}
  141. #this section describes the performance and operational modes
  142. ===capabilities===
  143. performance:
  144.   {space}, #for storage systems such as buildings or containers
  145.   dimensional envelope, #for machine-tools or robots i.e. a 6"x12" lathe
  146.   {efficiency}
  148. rating:
  149.   nominal, peak, continuous, typical, once,
  150.   minimum, #minimum should be used sparingly - it means the machine
  151.   #can't produce less than this much
  153. mtbf: #longevity in various modes
  154.   {time}*{rating}
  156. #this section is really ugly
  157. #basically we want any combination of performance and cost
  158. efficiency:
  159.   {performance}*{quantity}/{time}, {quality}/{time},
  160.   {quantity}/({power}*{time}) #??
  161.   {quantity}/{quantity}, {quantity}/([[human:skill]]*{time}),
  162.   {quality}/([[human:skill]]*{time})
  164. quantity: #can be just about anything - streams packages or units
  165.   [[.*]], #units are handed off to GNU units for validation

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