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Friday, March 21st, 2008 at 3:43:41am UTC 

  1. [[email protected] 2]# dd if=/dev/zero of=foo bs=4096 count=400000
  2.      retransmit e2.2 [email protected] newtag=4590d059
  3.      retransmit e2.2 [email protected] newtag=4591d059
  4.      retransmit e2.2 [email protected] newtag=45ded429
  5.      retransmit e2.2 [email protected] newtag=45dfd429
  6.      retransmit e2.2 [email protected] newtag=45e0d429
  7.      retransmit e2.2 [email protected] newtag=45e1d429
  8.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=0348dd5a
  9.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=0349dd5a
  10.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=034add5a
  11.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=034bdd5a
  12.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=034cdd5a
  13.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=034ddd5a
  14.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=034edd5a
  15.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=034fdd5a
  16.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=0350dd5a
  17.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=0351dd5a
  18.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=0352dd5a
  19.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=0353dd5a
  20.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  21.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  22.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  23.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  24.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=0354ddbe
  25.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=0355ddbe
  26.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=0356ddbe
  27.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=0357ddbe
  28.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  29.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  30.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  31.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  32.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=0358de86
  33.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=0359de86
  34.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=035ade86
  35.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=035bde86
  36.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=035cde86
  37.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=035dde86
  38.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=035ede86
  39.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=035fde86
  40.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=0360de86
  41.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=0361de86
  42.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=0362de86
  43.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=0363de86
  44.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  45.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  46.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  47.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  48.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  49.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  50.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  51.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  52.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  53.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  54.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  55.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  56.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  57.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  58.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  59.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  60.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  61.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  62.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  63.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  64.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=0114ee5d
  65.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=0115ee5d
  66.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=0116ee5d
  67.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=0117ee5d
  68.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=0118ee5d
  69.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=0119ee5d
  70.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=011aee5d
  71.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=011bee5d
  72.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=011cee5d
  73.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=011dee5d
  74.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=011eee5d
  75.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=011fee5d
  76.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  77.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  78.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  79.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  80.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  81.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  82.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  83.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  84.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  85.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  86.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  87.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  88.      retransmit e2.2 [email protected] newtag=46dafc8d
  89.      retransmit e2.2 [email protected] newtag=46dbfc8d
  90.      retransmit e2.2 [email protected] newtag=46f8fcf1
  91.      retransmit e2.2 [email protected] newtag=46f9fcf1
  92.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=19ccfd87
  93.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=19cdfd87
  94.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=19cefd87
  95.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=19cffd87
  96.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=19d0fd87
  97.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=19d1fd87
  98.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=19d2fd87
  99.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=19d3fd87
  100.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=19d4fd87
  101.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=19d5fd87
  102.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=19d6fd87
  103.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=19d7fd87
  104.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  105.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  106.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  107.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  108.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  109.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  110.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  111.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  112.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  113.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  114.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  115.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  116.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=1034157a
  117.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=1035157a
  118.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=1036157a
  119.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=1037157a
  120.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=1038157a
  121.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=1039157a
  122.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=103a157a
  123.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=103b157a
  124.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=103c157a
  125.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=103d157a
  126.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=103e157a
  127.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=103f157a
  128.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]100231593
  129.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]100231593
  130.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]100231593
  131.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]100231593
  132.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  133.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  134.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  135.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  136.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  137.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  138.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  139.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  140.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=44081a11
  141.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=44091a11
  142.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=440a1a11
  143.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=440b1a11
  144.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=440c1a11
  145.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=440d1a11
  146.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=440e1a11
  147.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=440f1a11
  148.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=44101a11
  149.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=44111a11
  150.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=44121a11
  151.      retransmit e2.3 [email protected] newtag=44131a11
  152.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  153.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  154.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  155.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  156.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  157.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  158.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  159.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  160.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  161.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  162.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  163.  unexpected rsp e2.3    [email protected]
  164. 400000+0 records in
  165. 400000+0 records out
  166. 1638400000 bytes (1.6 GB) copied, 79.1467 seconds, 20.7 MB/s


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