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Paste Description for sandisk Sansa c250

Please help me with recovery mode.

sandisk Sansa c250
Tuesday, February 26th, 2008 at 9:54:21pm UTC 

  1. Hi its me again.
  3. Thank you very much for your help on Sunday. It really worked. However, I ran into problems again. I tried to sync the Sandisk sansa c250 with a Windows Media player and after rebooting it starting acting weird and it said there were no songs in it. the empty space in settings in the player display showed some enormous number in MB.
  5. Today, it is acting even worse. It shows the boot screen and then that's it.
  7. Recovery mode seems to be working because when I lock the "hold" switch, hold the record button, and press the power button, the boot image comes up (which says Sansa and shows the picture of a reptile) and there is a prompt that says "Please connect USB". So then, I turn the lock "hold" switch to the white part to turn hold off and then i connect it to the USB with the computer. Then the prompt says
  9. Mini-B->Device Mode
  10. USB2.0 MSD
  11. LUN0 locked
  13. When I open disk utility on the computer (Mac OS X, 10.4.11), it shows up the 16 MB unformatted partition, detailed information is as follows:
  16. Name :  SanDisk Sansa C200 Media
  17.         Type :  Disk
  19.         Disk Identifier :       disk1
  20.         Media Name :    SanDisk Sansa C200 Media
  21.         Media Type :    Generic
  22.         Connection Bus :        USB
  23.         Connection Type :       External
  24.         Device Tree :   IODeviceTree:/[email protected]0/[email protected],7
  25.         Writable :      Yes
  26.         Ejectable :     Yes
  27.         Mac OS 9 Drivers Installed :    No
  28.         Location :      External
  29.         Total Capacity :        16.0 MB (16,777,728 Bytes)
  30.         S.M.A.R.T. Status :     Not Supported
  31.         Disk Number :   1
  32.         Partition Number :      0
  34. Please help me with repairing the player.

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