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Friday, February 1st, 2008 at 12:00:09am UTC 

  1. Nils Wallménius wrote:
  2. > Hi, I'm a developer of the rockbox open source mp3 player firmware and
  3. > very much
  4. > appreciate the work you and others have put into the m68k port of gcc in
  5. > the latest cycle.
  6. > While testing the latest snapshot I ran into a "wrong code" bug  #35018,
  7. > and I think it would
  8. > be unfortunate if 4.3 ships with it. I know you are a busy person and
  9. > while I would be very happy
  10. > if it would be looked at I understand that it is late in the cycle and
  11. > time is tight.
  12. > Do you think this will be resolved before 4.3 ships?
  14. It is unlikely.  IIRC one of the m68k maintainers disagreed with the approach
  15. taken to fix that bug (if it's the one I'm thinking it is).  We're not updating
  16. our lite releases to 4.3 for this spring, and as coldfire is not a primary or
  17. secondary platform for GCC, it's not going to hold up the release.
  19. We'll probably be updating to 4.3 in the Fall.


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