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Friday, June 23rd, 2006 at 11:42:22am UTC 

  1. 22.23.23 #       <freqmod> linuxstb_:fixed sterio
  2. 22.23.36 #       <freqmod> linuxstb_:realtime @ 50% only for mono
  3. 22.23.38 #       <RoC_MM> Yeah Mikachu on like 4 seconds of music and then 15 seconds of speech.
  4. 22.23.42 #       <preglow> hmm
  5. 22.23.43 Quit    damaki_ (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
  6. 22.23.59 #       <preglow> freqmod: could you outline roughly what modifications you've made to libspeex itself, if any?
  7. 22.24.00 #       <linuxstb_> freqmod: Does it use a lot of mallocs
  8. 22.24.01 #       <preglow> freqmod: any optimisations?
  9. 22.24.04 #       <linuxstb_> ?
  10. 22.24.07 #       <preglow> linuxstb_: it does
  11. 22.24.07 #       <OSi> it dont work :(
  12. 22.24.10 #       <preglow> linuxstb_: tons and tons
  13. 22.24.14 #       * freqmod is making patch.
  14. 22.24.28 #       <linuxstb_> preglow: That's very bad for a voice codec...
  15. 22.24.47 #       <preglow> linuxstb_: doesn't sound too bad to me if he has done no optimising at all
  16. 22.24.50 #       <freqmod> it uses many malloc's but only at initializing...
  17. 22.25.09 #       <linuxstb_> preglow: No, I meant the mallocs.  I agree the speed is good for this stage of development.
  18. 22.25.11 #       <dionoea> does the plugin api have a lcd_printf style function ?
  19. 22.25.20 #       <dionoea> or so i have to sprintf in a local buffer first ?
  20. 22.25.24 #       <preglow> linuxstb_: sure it's bad, but we'll just have to trim them away, that's that
  21. 22.25.30 #       <dionoea> *do
  22. 22.25.43 Quit    bondolo ("Cya!")


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