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Monday, June 4th, 2007 at 3:40:18pm UTC 

  1. On 6/4/07, Linus Torvalds <[email protected]> wrote:
  2. > So I *hope* that you want to just have automated build machinery that
  3. > builds the binaries to a *separate* location? You could use git to archive
  4. > them, and you can obviously (and easily) name the resulting binary blobs
  5. > by the versions in the source tree, but I'm just saying that trying to
  6. > track the binaries from within the same git repository as the source code
  7. > is less than optimal.
  9. Oh lord no - I never meant to imply that we'd be checking those
  10. binaries in, I just meant to hi-light that we need a central
  11. repository to build those binaries from - otherwise we'd end up with a
  12. selection of binaries for our users to download which contain a bunch
  13. of different features if they were built from a combination of
  14. repositories. I know you think everyone else is a moron, but we're not
  15. quite dumb enough to think maintaining binaries in a repository is a
  16. good idea :)
  19. > In *practice*, I suspect that once you get used to the git model, you'd
  20. > actually end up with a hybrid scheme, where you might have a *smaller*
  21. > core group with commit access to the central repository (in git, it
  22. > wouldn't be "commit access", it would really be "ability to push", but
  23. > that's a technical difference rather than anything conceptually huge), and
  24. > members in that core group end up pulling from others.
  26. This sounds like what we eventually came up with. I'm not sure how
  27. soon we'll make a switch to a git repository, but when we do, this
  28. seems to be the best model for the conversion in the short term, and
  29. perhaps in the long term too.
  32. > .. and that's exactly how you'd do it with git too. You wouldn't have a
  33. > "commit trigger", but you'd have a "receive trigger", which triggers
  34. > whenever somebody pushes to the central repository.
  36. Yes, after I'd sent my email this morning I found you could do pushes
  37. as well as pulls. That'll teach me to RTFM properly next time.
  39. >  - realize that the git model tends to encourage many small commits
  40. >    (because you *can* make commits without impacting others), so when you
  41. >    fix something, or add a new feature, with git, you can do it as many
  42. >    small steps, and then only "push" when it's ready.
  44. This is what I personally was trying to advocate in our discussion -
  45. but I'm not sure everyone quite understood it. Hopefully your
  46. explanation will do a better job :)
  48. >    IOW, if you encourage people to do small step-wise changes, you
  49. >    probably don't even *want* a build for each commit, you really want a
  50. >    build for the case where "my feature is now ready, I'll push". So you'd
  51. >    effectively get one build not per commit, but per "publication point".
  53. Absolutely.
  55. >                 Linus
  57. Thanks for your time (and everyone else who replied) - it's very much
  58. appreciated!
  60. Bryan


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