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Sunday, February 18th, 2007 at 3:38:03pm UTC 

  1. Cdrdao version 1.2.2 - (C) Andreas Mueller <[email protected]>
  2.   SCSI interface library - (C) Joerg Schilling
  3.   Paranoia DAE library - (C) Monty
  5. Check for current driver tables.
  7. Using libscg version 'schily-0.8'
  9. ATA:3,0,0: MATSHITA DVD-RAM SW-9585     Rev: B100
  10. Using driver: Generic SCSI-3/MMC - Version 2.0 (options 0x0000)
  12. Starting write at speed 4...
  13. Pausing 10 seconds - hit CTRL-C to abort.
  14. Process can be aborted with QUIT signal (usually CTRL-\).
  15. WARNING: No super user permission to setup real time scheduling.
  16. Turning BURN-Proof on
  17. Enabling JustLink.
  18. ERROR: Cannot set Ricoh mode page 30.
  19. Executing power calibration...
  20. Power calibration successful.
  21. cdrdao: Success.  : scsi sendcmd: no error
  22. CDB:  2A 00 FF FF FF 6A 00 00 1A 00
  23. status: 0x2 (CHECK CONDITION)
  24. Sense Bytes: F1 00 04 FF FF D2 A1 0A 00 99 00 00 44 00 00 00
  25. Sense Key: 0x4 Hardware Error, deferred error, Segment 0
  26. Sense Code: 0x44 Qual 0x00 (internal target failure) Fru 0x0
  27. Sense flags: Blk -11615 (valid)
  28. resid: 61152
  29. cmd finished after 0.001s timeout 180s
  30. ERROR: Write data failed.
  31. ERROR: Writing failed.


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