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Wednesday, February 29th, 2012 at 1:23:56pm UTC 

  1. Summary of my claim against Google in the UK Small Claims Court:
  3. On Wednesday 29th March 2012, I filed a claim against Google UK Ltd. using the UK Government's Online Claim Service ( ) with Claim Number 2QT24889
  5. The purpose of my claim is in light of Google's planned Privacy Policy changes which are announced to go live on March 1st 2012.  It is my belief that the changes will be both prejudicial and material changes as defined in Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999.  The changes, which will see Google merging data from multiple platforms and services (including Android Devices) in order to further monetise that data on their advertising platforms, are a significant infringement of my right to privacy and I do not consent to Google being able to use my data in such a way.
  7. In order for me to purchase a new phone to replace the Google Android device I currently use with a non-Android device, the costs would be significant (around £400), as this cost is caused by Google's Privacy Policy changes I have sought remedy through the courts for Google to meet these costs.  I chose not to file against Carphone Warehouse (the retailer) because they have no control over Google's use of data which is obtained from Android devices and the same is true with regards to my carrier, they have no control over Google's data policies and the device was purchased independently of my carrier.
  9. The second reason for my filing of this case is to hopefully open an avenue for other consumers to take similar action, should my claim be successful.  Consumer rights are fundamental in protecting citizens from unfair trading practices and unfair contracts, these rights are based on strong European Directives and offer strong protections against such activities.
  11. I am confident that the case has legal merit and I fully expect Google to submit a defense.


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