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Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011 at 1:31:04pm UTC 

  1. Hey guys, so, we're contemplating trying this once more. Many of us regularly come to the conclusion that the settings are not organized in the best way possible. We also often never manage to do anything about it. So we'd like to try again.
  3. We're going to come up with a proper process under which to accomplish this. Some of the main points of this process are that at the end we will have a single .diff from our collaboration efforts, which will then undergo a yes/no vote. Everyone is welcome to contribute, but we're not discussing the existing layout or minor changes to it. Rather we're more or less starting from scratch.
  5. We're first going to be dumping the entire list of settings. Every single one of them. I think we're still not entirely sorted on the process by which we'll refine this into a new menu structure but we shouldn't be looking at the old structure as a reference or starting point. We want to go through the existing settings, as a group, and come up with a procedure by which we create the new one.
  7. Here is an example process by which we could do this. It's not the process anyone must follow, but it would allow things to be approached as a group. We do ask that if you're going to contribute, you contribute to the whole thing rather than just chiming in at parts. That means if you think there's a better process, speak up so that we can refine it before we start, rather than objecting to it later on.
  9. The first step, then, would be looking at the whole list of settings and having people contribute a categorize list. Not a new menu structure, but just what categories they belong in. For example, "volume" could be categorized as "sound setting" or "dsp setting" or something new. These are only top level categories, so don't get into fine grained detail.
  11. After everyone has contributed top level categories, we look at what we have, see which ones are unambiguously categorized the same way, and in cases where there are conflict (X is playback for some, and Sound for others) we work that out, at this point, before moving on.
  13. Next we go into each broad category and attempt a similar thing using subcategories. Repeat this sort of thing recursively until we've decided we need no further sub-sub categories. At each stage we can discuss whether sub-categories are even needed under the previous level based on the number of items, and whether it will increase confusion (by not having settings immediately visible) or decrease it (by helping to shorten the list).
  15. After everything is categorized, we approach each visible menu with an eye for order. At this phase we should determine some standard ordering rules, for example "the enable/disable option should always come before the parameter options." Note this is just an example, and while one I feel is a good rule, not one that must be adopted. Once the menus are ordered, well, then we're done!


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