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Discussion about UnionFS from #r
Monday, January 11th, 2010 at 8:12:27am UTC 

  1. Discussion about UnionFS from #rockbox-community
  3. 07:52 <JdGordon|> GodEater: dont say other filesystems are nodo :( ... i do sort of want to get NFS going on the mini2440 :p
  4. 07:52 <JdGordon|> which of course requires me to get around to installing rockbox on it
  5. 07:52 <GodEater> JdGordon|: well, they are
  6. 07:52 <GodEater> that being said, I do quite like the idea of unionfs
  7. 07:53 <GodEater> I'm not a fan of the <microsd1> thing
  8. 07:53 <JdGordon|> nothing except hardware related stuff is ever a real NoDo :D
  9. 07:53 <JdGordon|> it could actually be really simple to implement
  10. 07:53 <GodEater> the big problem I see with other filesystem support is windows users
  11. 07:54 <GodEater> a lot of whom would likely guy "huh? What's a filesystem?"
  12. 07:54 <JdGordon|> how does unionfs do file writing?
  13. 07:55 <GodEater> no idea - read the code :)
  14. 07:57 * JdGordon| suspects adding read support could be as simple as adding a few lines of code
  15. 07:57 <JdGordon|> hmm... should even be able to en/disable it on the fly
  16. 07:58 <JdGordon|> dircache would probably not play nice though
  17. 07:59 <GodEater> according to there's a concept of "priority" with the filesystems you mount
  18. 07:59 <GodEater> so I guess writes go to the one with the highest priority
  19. 07:59 <GodEater> I imagine we could make this work once Rockbox does MTP properly
  20. 08:00 <GodEater> then the host support of the filesystem becomes a non issues.
  21. 08:00 <GodEater> but it does mean it'd only work on players where we have our own USB stack
  22. 08:01 <JdGordon|> na, once its connected to usb its not rockbox's problem anymore
  23. 08:02 <GodEater> that's true only if you're using UMS
  24. 08:03 <GodEater> yay, package state has finally changed to "with delivery courier"
  25. 08:03 <GodEater> JdGordon|: I found this too :
  26. 08:05 <JdGordon|> too long to read at this time of night :)
  27. 08:05 <JdGordon|> umm... morning :p
  28. 08:06 <JdGordon|> we could stick a <unionFS> "mount point" in the / directory
  29. 08:06 <JdGordon|> which is read only
  30. 08:08 <JdGordon|> this could have some serious fun stuff.... if the SD card has priority you could setup the .rockbox folder on the internal storage with no settings at all, so if oyu boot with no card you get default everything
  31. 08:09 * JdGordon| hates it when fun ideas show up after bed time
  32. 08:09 <pixelma> what about same named files (in same named subfolders) on the card and on the internal memory? Although this discussion might be better suited for the main chan
  33. 08:10 <JdGordon|> im not in main chan :p
  34. 08:10 >>>> petur ([email protected]/developer/petur) has joined #rockbox-community
  35. 08:10 <GodEater> pixelma: that's where the priority thing comes in
  36. 08:10 <JdGordon|> very simple precendance... if /music/a.file is in internal storage (or whichever has higher priority) it doesnt try the other
  37. 08:10 <GodEater> if you have the same file in two matching places, the higher priority one is used
  38. 08:11 <pixelma> he could simply use the database (if he's talking audio files)
  39. 08:11 <JdGordon|> same file NAME... not file
  40. 08:11 <GodEater> pixelma: he could, but he specifically mentions he doesn't rely on tagging


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