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Thursday, January 17th, 2008 at 9:17:17am UTC 

  1. /* The main problem I have is trying to figure out what to put in gcc opts, I get alot of "linker file not used, linking not done", my example to bridge off of is about more thatn half way down. Also I'm have very little experience , maybe I should just read gcc docs and figure this out */
  3. /* excerpt from my makefile */
  4. export ROOTDIR=/home/eric/rockbox
  5. export FIRMDIR=$(ROOTDIR)/firmware
  6. export APPSDIR=$(ROOTDIR)/apps
  7. export TOOLSDIR=$(ROOTDIR)/tools
  8. export DOCSDIR=$(ROOTDIR)/docs
  9. export MANUALDIR=${ROOTDIR}/manual
  10. export DEBUG=-DDEBUG
  11. export ARCHOS=iphonetouch
  12. export ARCHOSROM=
  13. export FLASHFILE=
  14. export TARGET_ID=29
  16. export CPU=arm
  17. export MANUFACTURER=ipod
  18. export OBJDIR=/home/eric/rockbox/build-me
  19. export BUILDDIR=/home/eric/rockbox/build-me
  20. export LANGUAGE=english
  21. export VOICELANGUAGE=
  22. export MEMORYSIZE=64
  23. export VERSION=$(shell $(ROOTDIR)/tools/ $(ROOTDIR))
  24. export BUILDDATE=$(shell date -u +'-DYEAR=%Y -DMONTH=%m -DDAY=%d')
  25. export MKFIRMWARE=
  26. export BMP2RB_MONO=/home/eric/rockbox/tools/bmp2rb -f 0
  27. export BMP2RB_NATIVE=/home/eric/rockbox/tools/bmp2rb -f 6
  28. export BMP2RB_REMOTEMONO=
  30. export BINARY=rockboxui
  31. export APPEXTRA=recorder:gui
  32. export ENABLEDPLUGINS=no
  33. export SOFTWARECODECS=yes
  35. export HOSTCC=gcc
  36. export HOSTAR=ar
  37. export CC=arm-apple-darwin-gcc
  38. export LD=arm-apple-darwin-ld
  39. export AR=arm-apple-darwin-ar
  40. export AS=arm-apple-darwin-as
  41. export OC=arm-apple-darwin-objcopy
  42. export WINDRES=arm-apple-darwin-windres
  43. export DLLTOOL=arm-apple-darwin-dlltool
  44. export DLLWRAP=arm-apple-darwin-dllwrap
  45. export RANLIB=arm-apple-darwin-ranlib
  46. export PROFILE_OPTS=
  47. export SIMVER=sdl
  48. export SIMDIR=$(ROOTDIR)/uisimulator/sdl
  49. export GCCOPTS=-W -Wall -g -fno-builtin  -I/usr/local/arm-apple-darwin/include/SDL  -framework CoreFoundation -framework UIKit -framework CoreGraphics -framework CoreSurface -framework LayerKit -framework GraphicsServices -D_GNU_SOURCE=1 -D_REENTRANT -I$(SIMDIR) -Wno-pointer-sign
  50. export TARGET_INC=-I$(FIRMDIR)/target/arm/ipod/iphonetouch -I$(FIRMDIR)/target/arm/ipod -I$(FIRMDIR)/target/arm
  51. export LOADADDRESS=
  52. export SHARED_FLAG=-shared
  53. export LDOPTS=-L/usr/local/arm-apple-darwin/lib -lSDL -lSDLmain -lobjc -lstdc++
  54. export GCCVER=4.1.3
  55. export GCCNUM=401
  56. export UNAME=Linux
  57. export MANUALDEV=iphonetouch
  58. export TTS_OPTS=
  59. export TTS_ENGINE=
  60. export ENC_OPTS=
  61. export ENCODER=


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