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Saturday, October 13th, 2007 at 11:37:25am UTC 

  1. #fedora-mktg
  2. <Strikeforce> Isn't the meeting supposed to happen?
  3. --> jmbuser_ ([email protected] has joined #fedora-mktg
  4. <mether> ok
  5.  so we can start the meeting now
  6. <jmbuser_> JohnBabich
  7. <mether> RahulSundaram
  8. <Strikeforce> Up to you guys just thought I was late or something :)
  9. <mether> no we have been starting slowly so that people can join in
  10. <Strikeforce> no worries
  11. <mether> who else is around?
  12. --> fcrippa ([email protected] has joined #fedora-mktg
  13. <mether> i was hoping mizmo would be
  14.  but she seems to be not available in irc yet
  15.  here is the list of things I think we should be doing for the Fedora 8 release
  16.  Artwork - Labels, banners, promos that we can run on the website etc
  17.  Identify which features to highlight -  We have a good number of them and we should figure out any two or three features that are important
  18.  and promote them specifically
  19. <Strikeforce> When you say artwork you mean in F8 or on the website? same for Labels, Banners, promos.
  20. <mether> in the website
  21.  not within the distribution
  22.  that work is already done
  23.  the organized focus on interviewing developers going through all the Fedora 8 features isn't over yet but it is clearly very successful
  24.  pretty much of them have been referred to from many websites including digg,, lxer etc
  25.  except the first one where we didnt highlight digg properly all of them got several hundreds digg's and hit the front page
  26. * couf tunes in
  27. <mether> the website needs some clean up
  28.  especially on the download page
  29.  and Mo has been working on designing the spins section
  30.  we will have shortly
  31.  which will explain what a spin is, list out all the different spins of Fedora, identify how to do your own custom spins etc
  32.  check out for that
  34. <couf> download page is being redsigned as well, see for an example idea
  35. <mether> i think we should look closely
  36.  at what OpenSUSE and Ubuntu is doing in this space
  37.  I find a list of links to be overwhelming compared to what they have done
  38. <Strikeforce> Ubuntu has the basic Gnome/KDE and XFCE and then a server version
  39.  x86 and x86_64
  40.  so they would have 8 downloads
  41.  maybe if it started with gnome -> x86 or x86_64 then the links
  42. <mether> we have a choice of spins, dvd or cd. arch, installation methods
  43.  I think is pretty neat
  44.  One thing that we one additional choice that we need to figure how we can present well
  45. <Strikeforce> I would have to agree
  46. <mether> is the differentiation between
  47.  official and custom spins
  48. <Strikeforce> Should we link them to the front page?
  49. <mether> I think what we need to do
  50. <Strikeforce> Would it not be better to say see what the community is doing -> and point them that way
  51. <mether> is list only the official spins in the front page
  52.  and link to
  53.  for more
  54.  front page as in the download page
  55. <-- jmbuser has quit (Success)
  56. --> MrTom ([email protected]/MrTom) has joined #fedora-mktg
  57. <couf> mether: +1
  58. <mether> if we do it well
  59.  we don't have to worry about pushing in whatever spins that come up


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