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Saturday, April 28th, 2007 at 4:35:29pm UTC 

  1. [21:13]  <paulmer> yeah
  2. [21:13]  <paulmer> Well I flooded the shit out of here
  3. [21:14]  <paulmer> lolll
  4. [21:14]  <paulmer> sorry ;o
  5. [21:14]  <netkas> sorry for what ?
  6. [21:14]  <paulmer> * Current Local Users: 30  Max: 500
  7. [21:14]  <paulmer> Didnt you notice?
  8. [21:14]  <paulmer> lol
  9. [21:14]  <paulmer> Someone sent me operator passwords annonymously
  10. [21:16]  <paulmer> but it didnt have to do with kiko, I tell you that
  11. [21:16]  <paulmer> kikos a tool
  12. [21:16]  <netkas> it was you, who made all this shit ?
  13. [21:16]  <paulmer> Yeah, and i'm surprised its taken you so long to realize this
  14. [21:16]  <paulmer> and I was wondering why you haden't glined me yet
  15. [21:16]  <netkas> I will
  16. [21:16]  <paulmer> Ah, I see
  17. [21:17]  <netkas> I want to have as much info as possible
  18. [21:17]  <paulmer> Anyway, nice meeting you
  19. [21:17]  <paulmer> lol
  20. [21:17]  <netkas> and you will be very famous gay, be sure
  21. [21:17]  <paulmer> will ;o ?
  22. [21:17]  <netkas> you are already
  23. [21:17]  <paulmer> Its just irc man, heh
  24. [21:17]  <netkas> check uname in latest kernel from #1049
  25. [21:17]  <netkas> you have 10 min for it
  26. [21:18]  <paulmer> ?
  27. [21:18]  <netkas> b4 i'll gline you
  28. [21:18]  <paulmer> how can I check the uname, lol?
  29. [21:18]  <paulmer> I'm not running osx ;o
  30. [21:21]  <paulmer> Either way
  31. [21:21]  <paulmer> I don't intend to fuck with your network further
  32. [21:21]  * paulmer has quit (User has been permanently banned from Freedom (gay))
  33. [21:23]  * paulmer has quit (User has been permanently banned from Freedom (gay))
  34. [21:25]  * paulmer has quit (User has been permanently banned from Freedom (goodbye))
  35. [21:32]  <paulmer> Meh, lets just end the drama
  36. [21:32]  <paulmer> I wont fuck with your network anymore
  37. [21:32]  <paulmer> nor will I go on
  38. [21:32]  <paulmer> Just don't fuck with me, okay?
  39. [21:32]  <paulmer> and we can call it peace


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