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Monday, February 5th, 2007 at 5:50:13pm UTC 

  1. I've recently been pointed to an article your magazine is running on our project, Rockbox, and I've found that it contains a very large amount of information that is untruthful. It specifically claims that our software alters the flash memory of the iPod (it does not, our software exist solely on the disk) and shows several screenshots of a modified version of our software, screenshots that specifically cannot exist in the version we officially provide.
  3. As well your article contains long and detailed installation instructions that are invalid (they are outdated and it is very likely the tools mentioned will no longer be available very soon) and the article suggests that a user would need to uninstall Rockbox to regain access to the function of the original firmware. It even goes so far as to claim the bootloader install process deletes a part of the original firmware (it in no way does so).
  5. While it is understandable that there are outdated instructions, as the change while not terribly recent by our standards of when changes have happened could be considered recent in regard to the time it takes to research and write such an article, we are quite disappointed at the actual untruthful statements in the article considering that those have never actually been true.
  7. The article in question is here:


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