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Monday, January 8th, 2007 at 10:51:59am UTC 

  1. Dear PortalPlayer people,
  3. I come to you on bended knee, begging for at the very least some sort of reply - rather than letting this email sink into the black oblivion of the internet at large.
  5. I understand from reading your web pages that vendors who decide to use your System On A Chip solution for portable MP3 players are usually supplied with an SDK, and some binary files in order to get their development work started.
  7. As a member of the ROCKbox ( developer community I've been working with your hardware, and while we've made some progress with running our software on your platform there are several hurdles which are preventing us from running as efficiently as we would like. Now clearly as a volunteer group which makes no profit from our project, we're not in the position of being able to license your SDK from you, nor, I suspect, would you want us to - since our software is released under the GPL.
  9. However, if you were able to supply us with some datasheets for your chips, then there would be no need for any of your software to be released "into the wild", and we would be able to properly utilise your hardware and show off it's full capabilities with all the players we're currently targeting that use your architecture.
  11. By virtue of our own work, and a considerable amount of work conducted by the iPodLinux community ( we have managed to work out how a number of functions work on the PortalPlayer architecture, although we could probably do with making them work better too. We would be keen however to see some information on :
  13. 1) How we could make DMA disk access work (and ATA as a whole)
  14. 2) How we can best make sure the system doesn't draw too much power
  15. 3) How to best change to different CPU frequencies
  16. 4) Specifically on the PP5024 we don't know how to make the DAC work
  18. I really hope that PortalPlayer as a company sees the value in helping us out here. We're not out to take anything away from you - indeed, it could be argued that since we get a lot of requests for ports to various targets that people actually make their purchase decisions based on whether or not we can get ROCKbox to run on something. That means that targets that run using your architecture could see increased sales - in turn encouraging more vendors to choose your platform instead of the competition. Imagine the prestige and loyalty your company could get from being the "ideal" platform that ROCKbox runs on? Currently the "best" player that we support is one of either the iRiver H1x0 or it's color cousin, the H300. Neither of these are what you would call market leaders, but I would argue that the sales there *are* of them are helped by having ROCKbox run so well on them. People even hunt them down on eBay now because iRiver have end of lifed them as products.


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