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Monday, November 21st, 2005 at 4:38:13pm UTC 

  1. Community Logo LM banner 12/05 Home new search Events Member Login Erstanmeldung Best OF Ticker assistance Anonymous of comments discussions of diaries opinions Desktop search with Beagle, Kat and Kio Clucene max of J. Werner 20,11,2005 - 22:43 - [ hits:  338. comments:  0] spotlight dog and Katz traditional listings as an order assistance have retired.  Search machines coin/shape our work on the computer in the future.  This article presents three programs, which argue under Linux about the first place.  Marcel Hilzinger the following article was originally published in LinuxUser expenditure 12/2005.  This and further contributions you find also on the LinuxUser homepage.  Here your feedback interests us naturally.  Your opinion writes us, so that we can select further interesting articles from our booklets in the future.  Readme Desktop Suchmaschinen provide an index of references, file contents and Metainformationen.  A search in this index takes few seconds.  Read here, how Beagle, Kat and Kio Lucene solve this task.  "where did I store only this verflixte document?"  If you place yourselves this question of the more frequent or even daily, it is highest time for you to purchase a Desktop Suchmaschine.  The newest generation of these applications takes up your documents already with providing to an index.  If you store the document by mistake in a wrong listing, you do not have to accomplish a lengthy search:  Even if you know only one word from the document, a good Desktop search program finds it in fractions of a second.  The competition under Linux rang the program Beagle [ 1 ], programmed in mono, the age of the Desktop Suchmaschinen in.  It emerges in Suse Linux 9,3 for the first time for normal users.  Beagle kept competition from the KDE camp a little later:  The search machine Kat [ 2 ] uses techniques of the KDE Desktops, in order to have the search index on current conditions.  Kat is in the meantime a firm component of Mandriva Linux 2006.  While Beagle and Kat work as independent programs, the project Kio Clucene [ 3 ] tries to merge the search machine function directly in Konqueror.  Over the URL clucene:/Suchbegriff you start a search so from each KDE program.  Kio Clucene develops the C++ haven of Lucene on the Search Engine Clucene --.  Lucene is the search machine, which uses also Beagle.  Load, but emergency leases, existed also for Beagle a Kio Slave, which this article treats however only at the edge, since the project grows together probably in the near future with Kio Clucene.  Kio Slave:  KDE input/output Slave.  Virtual address, in order to attain in uniform way entrance to all possible kinds from data to.  OGG Vorbis tags X X - EXIF information X X - Office meta data X - - Office files X X - university code University of X - X search X - X Web-front-end X - do not store feature overview Beagle Kat Kio Clucene Inotify X X - MP3-Tags X X - X first index production (in minutes) 1:55 over 10 minutes of 2:15 installation credit you desire to compile Beagle or Kat by hand use you at the best Ubuntu 5,10, Suse Linux 10,0 or Mandriva 2006.  These distributions bring along packages of Beagle or Kat.  In order to use however the newest versions of the programs, you often do not come around around compiling.  Kat to translate by hand is substantially simpler thereby than compiling of Beagle, since you need a new mono version for the current version 0.1.1 of Beagle together with all gnome developer packages possibly also.  The new Beagle bring along for the first time support for enamels of KMail and has Web-front-ends.  Before you start working, you should throw a view of the table "feature overview".  If you would like to translate Kat from the source code, download yourselves the Sourcen of the project homepage, and you unpack kat-0.6.4.tar.bz2 with the instruction tar xvfj.  Subsequently, you change make CSU C ' make install ' users of Suse Linux with CD kat-0.6.4 in the new listing and start the translation process with the usual three-step /configure replace here thereby the first instruction by /configure -- to prefix=/opt/kde3.  Kat needs numerous KDE Entwicklerpakete for the translation.  Under Suse Linux install you these by marking the selection KDE development.  With the Download version of Mandriva you must download the KDE Devel packages over the InterNet.  In order to compile Beagle, you need also numerous mono packages beside the usual gnome developer packages.  These are only on the Retail DVD of Suse Linux as well as on the ftp server, are however not not part Oss dvd.  Do not forget to also install gmime devel.  Even if you would like to search with Beagle in the Web Browser, call the Configure script with the option -- enable webservices.  So you can access later over the address http://localhost:8888/beagle/search.aspx the search index.  After /configure you start make and as roots make install.  If it does not fold with compiling, download yourselves current RPM packages of [ 4 ].  For Ubuntu there are already Beagle packages of the version 0.1.1 in the Universe Repository.  For the Kio Slave clucene: /  must you first the search machine Clucene [ 5 ] install.  For our tests we used version 0.8.13.  Here it is important that you do not start the translation with /configure, but first autoconf, automake and aclocal call.  Only then you start compiling with /configure && make and make install as roots.  Subsequently, you unpack the Tarball of the Kio Slaves, change in the listing kio-clucene-0.1.0 and start the usual three-bottom plate:  /configure make CSU C ' make install ' index provide before you with the search begin can, must each program first an index prepare.  Most simply this Beagle settles.  Here you start simply over [ Alt]+[F2 ] the program beagled.  The Daemon starts then the indexing in the background.  The mono program includes which listings into the search also, put in the current version 0.1.1 over the Tool beagle settings firmly (illustration ((1))). with older versions to use you the Kommandozeilentool beagle config.  In the basic adjustment Beagle scans all listings automatically under/home.  Already after less than two minutes Beagle had indicated the Home listing successfully with some Office documents.  ((1)) in the newest version of Beagle you put the listings which can be scanned comfortably over a graphic front-end firmly.  Inotify:  A special function of the Kernels, which informs the system about new or changed files.  The Kernel differentiates thereby up to 15 different events.  Inotify is since Kernel 2,6,13 a firm component of Linux.  With Kat you start first the KDE program over [ Alt]+[F2 ] and the input of kat.  An assistant examined thereafter, whether the Kernel of the system supports Inotify (illustration ((2))), all aid programmes installed it is and whether the Kat Daemon runs.  ((2)) too old for an efficient Desktop search:  The Kernel of Suse Linux 9,3 supports still no Inotify.  In the main window of Kat you select attitudes|Kat furnish.  In the new dialogue window you select catalog|Add and do not fill then the individual fields out (illustration ((3))). a forgetting you not to click the option automatic actualization so that Kat keeps the catalog always current.  Per catalog you must indicate the starting file and the name.  Over the riders MIME types, Metainformationen, full text and preview pictures specify you, which information the search program merges into the index.  With preview pictures it lasts for example substantially longer to provide the search index.  If a catalog is once provided, you cannot for this no more change, but only delete and again again put on.  Under the menu option extended you specify files and listings which can be excluded.  The two sliding controls determine, with which priority of the Kat Daemon works and how long it is to wait between two search runs.  In order to finish a first index briskly, you push the automatic controller task planner/load onto 80 per cent and the waiting period onto few seconds.  With the system cannot be worked then however any longer liquid.  If the basic index is provided, put the values back again.  In the test with the Office documents Kat needed over 10 minutes, in order to seize all documents.  ((3)) Kat works with different catalogs.  For each catalog you can indicate a starting file.  Kio Clucene is not an independent application, but integrates firmly in Konqueror.  Type in the KDE Browser the URL clucene: /  you see the three symbols Saved Queries, Setup of index and start a HTML search.  If you click on Setup of index (illustration ((4))), the configuration dialogue appears.  Here you must specify first to the names of the index, and then over Include URLs and one click on the plus symbol a listing to add.  Over one click on Append de-energise you all index types and select then the option Overwrite universe.  If the first index is once generated, change the option on updates or Sync, so that the program pursues only the changes.  In the lower window half you select, which data Kio Clucene is to take up to the index.  Here you set over one click to setup also the standard converter.  The program still is in an early development phase.  Among them also the user friendliness suffers much.  Like that adding further converter is very pedantic.  Also an on-line assistance or a legend for the individual options is missing.  After Klicks on save and start indexing, the Clucene Suchmaschine their work begins CHANGES.  On the test computer the Clucene Kio Slave needed well two minutes, in order to seize the test documents.  ((4)) the mechanism from Kio Clucene developed not yet completely and overtaxed even advanced users.  Fast two graphic programs for the order search for the search with Beagle stand for you.  The original is called Best.  After the start over [ Alt]+[F2 ] and you find a new symbol (Beagle dog with red b-letter) best to the input of the instruction in the system section of the KDE Kontrollleiste.  If you click on this symbol, the search window opens.  Here you enter the desired term and click on find.  In the basic adjustment Best in files, in the directory searches and in enamels of evolution, in Chats of Gaim and in the program names of the gnome applications.  If you would like to limit your search to a certain type, click on the list in files, and select then the suitable entry.  An example of a simple search shows illustration ((5))((5)) the graphic surface to the Beagle Deamon is called Best.  The program indicates Vorschauen automatically from pictures.  Alternatively to the gnome program you open the URI beagle in Konqueror: /  (illustration ((6))). to it however the Beagle Kio Slave must be installed, which only according to standard with Suse Linux 10,0 also on board is.  A further alternative represents with the newest Beagle version Web-front-ends.  In addition you enter the address http://localhost:8888/beagle/search.aspx in any Browser.  An example shows illustration ((7))((6)) with the help of the Beagle Kio Slaves access you comfortably over Konqueror the index files of the Beagle Daemons.  ((7)) Web-front-end is new in version 0.1.1 of Beagle.  It is attainable also from a distant computer.  For the search with Kat you give the instruction kat and click then on the symbol for the search.  Kat indicates the found files alternatively as list or with preview diagrams.  Right-click on a hit opens a context menu with resuming possibilities.  With the Clucene Kio Slave you start over [ Alt]+[F2 ] and the input of clucene:/Suchbegriff a search.  The program shows the hits afterwards in Konqueror (illustration ((8))). over one clicks on to KCLucene Home arrives you at the main menue back.  Here you can store searches by dragee & drop on the file Saved Queries.  This is a large plus of Kio Clucene opposite the other search machines.  A retrieval query lasts with all programs at the most two to three seconds.  ((8)) KCLucene indicates hits directly in Konqueror.  Over one click on the KCLucene Home Icon can you to retrieval queries store.  Everyday life-suited?  Beagle states from itself that the graphic surface would be still in the beta stage.  Kio Clucene is even still alpha often commodity.  Kat is silent itself over the stability of the program out.  What is correct now?  Completely clearly not yet for practice suitable the Kio Slave for the Clucene engine is.  Without additional Tools and attitudes the program indicates only text files.  Beyond that the mechanism is rather pedantic.  Kio Clucene bring along however good beginnings, like a storing of inquiries as virtual file and the integration in Konqueror.  Co-operation with the developers of Kat and Kio Beagle lets hope.  For the future of the search machines of KDE you read the box of "one for all".  One for all Linux is admits for the fact that for a task different solutions exist.  Unfortunately these solutions are not always perfect.  Also the KDE Suchmaschinen Kat, Kio clucene and Kio beagle bring along in each case pro and cons.  The project KQUEST is to create now the advantages of the three solutions united and a uniform solution for all three beginnings.  Details to the project find you on the homepage of the Kio Clucene project [ 3 ].  Kat is besides in KDE4 a central component of the KDE Desktops to become and the necessary Konqueror integration have.  Beagle and Kat are already desktop ready.  None of the programs fell in the tests and the search results was quite satisfying.  Beagle has however a clear projection/lead opposite Kat. in such a way bring along it not only the clearer interface and must hardly be configured, but supplies also clearly more hit.  For example Beagle evaluates Metainformationen with OpenOffice documents also such as author and comment, not only the file content.  Also with words with special characters the dog has the nose in front.  Here Kat under Mandriva finds 2006 only terms in the character set Iso-8859-15.  Beagle under Suse Linux 10,0 looks for however the full university code spectrum off and finds -- at least in pdf files -- for example also cyrillic texts.  None of the search machines finds notes in Office or pdf documents.  A side effect, which arises only if you use Kat and Beagle parallel:  Kat scans also the index files of Beagle.  The KDE Tool lists therefore many hits unnecessarily doubly.  Beagle seem to prepare the SQLite data bases of Kat however no concerns.  Under Suse Linux was noticeable with Kat further negatively that the program couples itself to the KDE Daemon kded.  There these under Suse also for the URI media: /  cannot he is responsible not so simply be turned off.  The Kaetzchen Icon of Kat in the system section of the KDE panel cannot be removed therefore, without deleting the Kat RPM (mhi) information [ to 1 ] Beagle:  http://beagle [ 2 ] Kat: [ 3 ] Kio Clucene: [ 4 ] Beagle RPM: [ 5 ] Clucene: quality:  90% with 5 evaluations (0 % = very badly, 100% = very well) Community, Desktop, GNOMES, KDE:  close related, removes related Norton Tools DSL information for pressures [ announcement ] to freenet with the specialist dealer search machine optimization Embedded Linux development environment Notebook and computer real estates Plantronics Headsets Linuxhardware price comparison [ feature ] feature [ announcements ] server, Linux software, hardware, Linux books price comparison Linux of products and much more besides in the price comparison!  Software|& buy classified advertisements & price comparison Notebook sell PC Desktops|Printer|PC used car|Coins living mobile|Diagram maps Mondorico search content of stops you up to date about the European Union and for diverson schau you a few pictures on or inform you about credits.  Or do you look for a straight hotel?  Also over the bird flu you should inform.  Or are you interested more in languages?  Also always interesting:  Health.  Here enterprises SUSE Linux computer non removable disks server diagram maps Notebooks Main board buy rout processors Firewalls of power packs Switches CD burner of monitors printer display 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