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Thursday, July 4th, 2013 at 6:41:07pm UTC 

  1. R A D F E M  R I S E  U P  2 0 1 3
  2. ==================================
  6. "Also a reminder, that this is a radical feminist conference, for females
  7. (female assigned at birth, including intersex) who are radical feminists,
  8. pro-radfem, or are interested in radical feminism. Please respect this
  9. right of self-definition & assembly. Merci (thanks). This is unfortunately,
  10. a very controversial & contested right to left and right wingers alike."
  12. V E N U E
  13. =========
  15. Beaver Hall Artists Gallery
  16. 29 McCaul St.
  21. P R O G R A M
  22. =============
  24. RadFem Rise Up!
  25. July 2013 Friday 5th  – Sunday 7th  Toronto, Canada
  27. Friday July 5: Radical Activism
  29. 9:0010:00  arrive, eat breakfast, mingle
  30. 10:0010:30 icebreaker, get to know each other better
  31. 10:3012:00 Lierre Keith
  32. 12:001:00  lunch (catered)
  33. 1:002.30   Rachel Ivey
  34. 2:302.45   short break
  35. 2.454:00   breakout discussion session #1
  36. 4:005:30   Bunny on Michfest   
  37. 5:307:00   dinner, on our own
  38. 7:00 – night  movies, documentaries, media fun
  40. Saturday, July 6
  42. 9:0010:00  welcome back, breakfast, team-building exercise
  43. 10:0011:15 (Linda via Skype, need to confirm)
  44. 11:1511:45 Maya on Rehtaeh Parson
  45. 11:451:00  lunch, catered
  46. 1:002.30   Juliet on missing & murdered women, militarization
  47. 2:302:45   break
  48. 2:453:45   Sam Berg on activist strategies
  49. 3:454:30   breakout discussion session #2
  50. 4:305:30   Hilla Kerner on the Bedford case
  51. 5:307:00   dinner, on our own
  52. 7:00 – night  movies, dancing, karaoke, social fun
  54. Sunday, July 7, House Parties
  56. 9:3010:00  welcome back, breakfast
  57. 10:0011:00 Kate, survivor
  58. 11:1512:00 Lexy on resistance
  59. 12:001:00  lunch, catered
  60. 1:003:00   planning strategies to be put on paper and implemented
  61. 3:00        close
  63. R E G I S T R A T I O N
  64. =======================
  66. "It's $75 or $25 for low income women. This includes 2 meals/day and lodging. If you are only attending for one day, you can send about a third of that amount."
  68. A C C E S S I B I L I T Y  &  C H I L D C A R E
  69. ===============================================
  71. "Do you have accessibility needs around the venue and presentations? Please email us. The space is wheelchair accessible, including a bathroom. We may need an ASL interpreter. If you can offer this, thanks so much, and let us know. We encourage presenters to have visual materials where possible (eg PowerPoint, photocopies--we can photocopy if for the presenters with notice), and to have it be easy to read print."
  73. "Now, babies under two are welcome, just email us. Kids two and over, please email us if you need assistance with childcare by Tuesday at noon (we'll either assist in outside childcare, or provide it depending on numbers, etc)."


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