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Monday, April 23rd, 2012 at 10:23:06am UTC 

  1. ws-64:/home/qi/board-m1/r4# md5sum *.sch
  2. 647e4354e3f425d3ca22f6c43d0770ec  Audio.sch
  3. 90b59c014608d69cb3024a84fb313812  DVI-ISingle.sch
  4. 58a5181b3f3e01a48c85bfd4163eb2e3  Dram.sch
  5. 29e53cf4bbb5878061fc9f9cfeb0f8f6  Ethernet.sch
  6. b902649a2e9c1148e0b6dc67f20b9faa  FPGA.sch
  7. 9a0c0a5307f856237ff599a1406f781c  FPGAdec.sch
  8. 248a4d70449c6d4dd114a07ca657b23f  Misc.sch
  9. 95b379eb57b5aaa197dc710b55dc7336  MiscControl.sch
  10. 25f68b05426b09dbe4db41ee48ccd955  NORFlash.sch
  11. 44bb5931556ead2eb6b3d20910badc90  Power.sch
  12. e0155fe357678af5765de67e55e83858  USBExtPorts1.sch
  13. 73ed1cff730e378add47a3dac3cc4cef  USBExtPorts2.sch
  14. 63d0d7009bac4b04a4c0dba54fa435a7  USBIntPorts.sch
  15. bd733455e6b23a9f99c33161abb1e8a8  VideoIn.sch
  16. 76dcee7b83f89ac8303b29d1f05c7322  m1.sch


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