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Install Instructions for TSF She
Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 at 9:58:04pm UTC 

  1. This is a new thread for an app/launcher called "TSF Shell Launcher Pro".
  3. TSF Launcher Preview--->
  5. Hello all you wonderful hackers.I have Recently Purchased this App Legitimately through Google Play with a Rooted Stock rom of HTC Rezound and i wanted to share this app/Launcher with everyone because it is an awesome launcher and it is a bit expensive.Of Course you do have the option to Purchase this launcher yourself in the Google Play Store. i myself barely had enough to spend on it lol. anyways,i Have tried Locating and installing this app from google play on a Kindle Fire that has an ICS rom but i could not find it. I have also previously tried downloading/buying this app through google play while on an ICS build for the HTC Rezound and it said "This Device Is Not Compatible" and yet i have got it working on the "STOCK" Rom of the HTC Rezound. so my assumption would be that this does not install with some ICS Devices. well heres what it says in root explorer after i bought and installed this app on my Rezound:
  7. 1. in "/data/app" it has "" and its Permissions are RW-R-R
  9. 2. in "/data/app-private/" it has "" and its permissions are RW-R--
  12. Ok so in the Download there are 3 files. one being "" another being "" and install instructions. you really just need both the "Com" files
  13. So after you have downloaded the Zip file:
  14. 1.Extract onto your desktop
  15. 2.You should have a folder called "TSFShellPro".. Open it
  16. 3.Now inside you should see 2 "" files (one being an APK and thee other a Zip)
  17. 4.On Phone, Open "Root Explorer" and mount as "RW"
  18. 5.copy both "Com" files to the Root of ur SDcard
  19. 6.Now copy "" from your SDcard to "/data/app" and change the permissions to "RW-R-R"
  20. 7. go back in "/SDcard" and select "" and select "Install"
  22. Download link Here-->
  23. Download Link Here as well-->
  25. TSF,Howto,Install,Launcher,Shell,Pro,Tags,Are,for,Winners,Not,Whiners


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