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Sunday, October 17th, 2010 at 4:47:49am UTC 

  1. Talesin: One thing about freemium games I hate is when the paid content is VASTLY overpowered to the free stuff. Just got into a match against a Twitch player, and it was outright obscene.
  2. HappyWulf: wtf are you talking about? there is absolutly nothing in the store that gives you an adaantage over anoher player that actually costs a penny.
  3. Talesin: I disagree. Heartily.
  4. HappyWulf: name ONE thing.
  5. Talesin: Twitch.
  6. HappyWulf: what about him? You want him? Unlock him. dosn't cost a cent
  7. Talesin: Yeah, just 6000 ip.
  8. Talesin: Which, given 40 ip per losing game, is a lot of losses. So don't even try.
  9. HappyWulf: you playing vs. him, stun him. he''s a squishy little laamb. buy a Orecals, his stealth no longer works, but a few Wards, you'll see him easy.
  10. Talesin: None of which circumvents that he's higher powered, and SIGNIFICANTLY SO, than the 'free' characters.
  11. HappyWulf: Incorrect. he takes a higher amount of skill to use properly. that is the signifigance of his price.
  12. HappyWulf: And, he enters free rotation just like everyone else.
  13. Talesin: Bullshit. Outright, calling it.
  14. HappyWulf: Then you suck and should not be playing a tactical video game. Go back to TF2 Hat Simulator.
  15. Talesin: Hey, not my fault if you want to defend OP fundraising.
  16. HappyWulf: He's not OP. Explain to me how he's OP.
  17. Talesin: And a game that lets you buy an 'I win' button. :)
  18. Talesin: I have. You've ignored it.
  19. HappyWulf: No, you haven't you jsut said he;s OP without a reason
  20. Talesin: I gqave you a reason, you said it wasn't one and ignored it. <shrug>
  21. Talesin: No reason to get butthurt over it.
  22. HappyWulf: Your reason was..... "He's Twitch" is about as valid as "The bible said so"
  23. Talesin: He's a paid character who is significantly more powerful than the freebies, when it comes down to it. Full health to zero on an 18 in two seconds means OP.
  24. Talesin: Wait, let me guess... you're a Twitch player?
  25. Talesin: No, of course not.
  26. HappyWulf: Let me guess. You and your team costantly died the whole game, so that by lv 18 the Twitch player had enough damage on him he could 2-shot anyone on your team because you were all buying attack items and never building to counter your opponents.
  27. Talesin: No, *I* was the 18. Idiot.
  28. HappyWulf: Anivia, right?
  29. Talesin: Tristana.
  30. HappyWulf: 2/9/3 record, almost no damage to speak of. Last Whisper and Sark's only major items, which are not DPS items.
  31. HappyWulf: You're squishy, deal no damage, and when caught by an ambush are dead in 2 seconds. sounds about right to me.
  32. Talesin: Yeah, if 'ambush' means 'one character sitting in the jungle'.
  33. Talesin: So keep justifying their pay-to-win to yourself.
  34. HappyWulf: Yes. Because you dont see him until he's already attacking you... unless you buy items to counter that, and you don't.
  35. Talesin: Yeah. 2 seconds. Full health to dead on an 18. You haven't addressed that.
  36. Talesin: OP, pay-to-win.
  37. HappyWulf: I can't see what items he had, so I can only assume he did well early game and bought MUCH better items then you did.
  38. Talesin: So... you have no ACTUAL explanation, other than Twitch being OP? Gotcha.
  39. HappyWulf: Simple. You're not a tank. You will die in 2 hits vs a DPS who got the right items.
  40. HappyWulf: You wanna do the same? Buy damage items and attack people who are squishy
  41. HappyWulf: Trist is perfically capable of that.
  42. Talesin: Right. Odd how it hasn't happened in any of the other games I've palyed, against any of the other characters I've played against, EXCEPT Twitch. I must just magically be doing something wrong ONLY that time.
  43. HappyWulf: Twitch's advantage: Get in close and kill of-guard with first strikes.
  44. HappyWulf: Trists advantage: Jump in jump out and rapid fire and longer range then anyone else.
  45. Talesin: Sorry, couldn't hear you over the sound of my eyes rolling.
  46. Talesin: Sorry, couldn't hear you over the sound of my eyes rolling.
  47. HappyWulf: Sorry, I could not hear you over the fail.
  48. Talesin: Sorry, couldn't hear you over the excuses for the bullshit pay-to-win mechanics.
  49. HappyWulf: You want him? play more matches and unlock him. You want him faster? Buy him.
  50. HappyWulf: then find out how fast he dies because you're not playing him right.
  51. Talesin: Pay-to-win.
  52. HappyWulf: You suck.
  53. Talesin: You apologize for a broken system, insisting that it's not.
  54. HappyWulf: Sorry. you just suck.
  55. HappyWulf: Stop playing.
  56. Talesin: I'd rather suck than blind myself.
  57. Talesin: Fanboy.
  58. HappyWulf: Stop playing.
  59. Talesin: Go pay more to win.
  62. Fail.... In-game name Talesin du Noc.  Feed on him if seen.


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