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Friday, August 28th, 2009 at 6:51:48pm UTC 

  1. N0000 (Filename: tablesaw_insert.ngc)
  2. N0010 (Post processor: EMC.scpost)
  3. N0020 (Date: 27/08/2009)
  4. N0030 G20 (Units: Inches)
  5. N0040 G40 G90
  6. N0050 F1
  7. N0060 (Part: tablesaw_insert)
  8. N0070 (Process: No offset, Text, T1: Mill/router, 0.125 in diameter, 0.06 in Deep)
  9. N0080 M6 T1  (Mill/router, 0.125 in diameter)
  10. N0090 G43 H1
  11. N0100 G00
  12. N0110 M03 S20000
  13. N0120 X7.4213 Y1.2157
  14. N0130 Z0.0197
  15. N0140 G01 Z-0.0600 F20
  16. N0150 X7.0880 Y0.8824 F100
  17. N0160 G00 Z1.0000
  18. N0170 Y0.7157
  19. N0180 Z0.0197
  20. N0190 G01 Z-0.0600 F20
  21. N0200 Y1.2157 F100
  22. N0210 G00 Z1.0000
  23. N0220 X7.2070 Y1.0014
  24. N0230 Z0.0197
  25. N0240 G01 Z-0.0600 F20
  26. N0250 X7.4213 Y0.7157 F100
  27. N0260 G00 Z1.0000
  28. N0270 X7.7904 Y0.7871
  29. N0280 Z0.0197
  30. N0290 G01 Z-0.0600 F20
  31. N0300 G03 X7.8261 Y0.7395 I0.0916 J0.0315 F100.0
  32. N0310 X8.0880 Y0.7395 I0.1310 J0.2195
  33. N0320 X8.0761 Y0.9538 I-0.0618 J0.1040
  34. N0330 X7.9808 Y0.9776 I-0.1312 J-0.3224
  35. N0340 G02 X7.8499 Y1.0133 I0.0368 J0.3930
  36. N0350 X7.8380 Y1.1919 I0.0433 J0.0926
  37. N0360 X8.0880 Y1.1919 I0.1250 J-0.1963
  38. N0370 X8.1237 Y1.1443 I-0.0429 J-0.0694
  39. N0380 G00 Z1.0000
  40. N0390 X9.4808 Y1.0967
  41. N0400 Z0.0197
  42. N0410 G01 Z-0.0600 F20
  43. N0420 G03 X9.1713 Y1.1443 I-0.1655 J-0.0461 F100.0
  44. N0430 X9.1713 Y0.7871 I0.2805 J-0.1786
  45. N0440 X9.4808 Y0.8348 I0.1440 J0.0937
  46. N0450 G00 Z1.0000
  47. N0460 X9.8975 Y0.7157
  48. N0470 Z0.0197
  49. N0480 G01 Z-0.0600 F20
  50. N0490 Y1.2157 F100
  51. N0500 X10.2308 Y0.7157
  52. N0510 Y1.2157
  53. N0520 G00 Z1.0000
  54. N0530 X11.0046 Y1.0967
  55. N0540 Z0.0197
  56. N0550 G01 Z-0.0600 F20
  57. N0560 G03 X10.6951 Y1.1443 I-0.1655 J-0.0461 F100.0
  58. N0570 X10.6951 Y0.7871 I0.2805 J-0.1786
  59. N0580 X11.0046 Y0.8348 I0.1440 J0.0937
  60. N0590 G00 Z1.0000
  61. N0600 X6.6951 Y1.2157
  62. N0610 Z0.0197
  63. N0620 G01 Z-0.0600 F20
  64. N0630 X6.3856 Y1.2157 F100
  65. N0640 Y0.9776
  66. N0650 X6.5761
  67. N0660 X6.3856
  68. N0670 Y0.7157
  69. N0680 X6.6951 Y0.7157
  70. N0690 G00 Z1.0000
  71. N0700 X5.9927 Y1.2157
  72. N0710 Z0.0197
  73. N0720 G01 Z-0.0600 F20
  74. N0730 X5.6832 Y1.2157 F100
  75. N0740 Y0.9776
  76. N0750 X5.8737 Y0.9776
  77. N0760 X5.6832 Y0.9776
  78. N0770 Y0.7157
  79. N0780 X5.9927 Y0.7157
  80. N0790 G00 Z1.0000
  81. N0800 X4.8618
  82. N0810 Z0.0197
  83. N0820 G01 Z-0.0600 F20
  84. N0830 Y1.2157 F100
  85. N0840 X5.0523 Y0.7157
  86. N0850 X5.2427 Y1.2157
  87. N0860 Y0.7157
  88. N0870 G00 Z1.0000
  89. N0880 (Process: Outside offset, 6, T2: Mill/router, 0.25 in diameter, 0.65 in Deep)
  90. N0890 M05
  91. N0900 M6 T2  (Mill/router, 0.25 in diameter)
  92. N0910 G43 H2
  93. N0920 M03 S20000
  94. N0930 G00 X13.4604 Y2.9428
  95. N0940 Z0.0197
  96. N0950 G01 Z-0.2300 F5
  97. N0960 X2.4574 Y2.9428 F100
  98. N0970 X13.4604 Y2.9428
  99. N0980 Z-0.4600 F5
  100. N0990 X2.4574 Y2.9428 F100
  101. N1000 X13.4604 Y2.9428
  102. N1010 Z-0.6000 F5
  103. N1020 X2.4574 Y2.9428 F100
  104. N1030 X13.4604 Y2.9428
  105. N1040 G00 Z1.0000
  106. N1050 X14.6512 Y2.7201
  107. N1060 Z0.0197
  108. N1070 G01 Z-0.2300 F5
  109. N1080 G03 X12.7401 Y4.1303 I-1.9111 J-0.5898 F100.0
  110. N1090 G01 X3.1776
  111. N1100 G03 X3.1776 Y0.1303 I0.0000 J-2.0000
  112. N1110 G01 X12.7401 Y0.1303
  113. N1120 G03 X14.6512 Y2.7201 I0.0000 J2.0000
  114. N1130 G01 Z-0.4600 F5
  115. N1140 G03 X12.7401 Y4.1303 I-1.9111 J-0.5898 F100.0
  116. N1150 G01 X3.1776
  117. N1160 G03 X3.1776 Y0.1303 I0.0000 J-2.0000
  118. N1170 G01 X12.7401 Y0.1303
  119. N1180 G03 X14.6512 Y2.7201 I0.0000 J2.0000
  120. N1190 G01 Z-0.6000 F5
  121. N1200 G03 X12.7401 Y4.1303 I-1.9111 J-0.5898 F100.0
  122. N1210 G01 X3.1776
  123. N1220 G03 X1.1842 Y2.2921 I0.0000 J-2.0000
  124. N1230 G00 Z-0.5700
  125. N1240 G03 X1.1984 Y1.8432 I1.9934 J-0.1618
  126. N1250 G01 Z-0.6000 F5
  127. N1260 G03 X3.1776 Y0.1303 I1.9793 J0.2870 F100.0
  128. N1270 G01 X12.7401 Y0.1303
  129. N1280 G03 X14.7307 Y1.9365 I0.0000 J2.0000
  130. N1290 G00 Z-0.5700
  131. N1300 G03 X14.7238 Y2.3855 I-1.9906 J0.1938
  132. N1310 G01 Z-0.6000 F5
  133. N1320 G03 X14.6512 Y2.7201 I-1.9837 J-0.2552 F100.0
  134. N1330 G00 Z1.0000
  135. N1340 M05
  136. N1350 M05 M30


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