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Paste Description for Dezowave

Changelog for patch 13002

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014 at 1:38:42pm UTC 

  1. Fixes for 13002 needs new game
  2. -------------------------------
  4. Fixes:
  5. - fixed vibrating (constant open and close) doors on Great Metal Factory level
  6. - fixed inaccessible "ashes to ashes" stash on Darkdolina level
  7. - fixed crash for missing suit upgrade
  8. - fixed Escape bridge soldiers dying because to far from shelter
  9. - fixed flying tree on Darkscape level
  10. - fixed Pripyat geometry (missing surface)
  11. - fixed arena mobs missing bug
  12. - fixed no available phrase to say, dialog[dm_artefact_merger_wnd]
  13. - fixed no available phrase to say, dialog[forg_stalker_trader_start]
  14. - fixed map marker for bandit suit on Darkdolina
  15. - fixed : Can't find model file 'weapons\crossbow\strela.ogf'.
  16. - fixed levelchanger position from the Power Plant to Sarcofag
  17. - fixed Radar crash near outpost
  18. - fixed ui_repair_wnd.script:471: attempt to index field 'selected_item' (a nil value)
  19. - fixed quickload after death with hotkey
  20. - fixed greben jobs and dialogs on Yantar
  21. - fixed usage of motion blur effect on R2 (dynamic lightning)
  22. - fixed lukash task dialog
  23. - fixed Sidorovich's message to kill zombies even if all are dead
  24. - fixed incorrect RPM for upgraded sig550
  25. - fixed can't open section 'bandages'
  26. - fixed incorrect icon for upgraded VAL weapon
  27. - fixed return entry to Pripyat from Outskirts
  28. - fixed [error]Description   : callback kils bone matrix bone: bip01_spine2
  29. - fixed crash when killing stalker trader on forgotten
  30. - fixed some other codes for doors
  31. - fixed broken logic for doors and camera on Lost Factory
  32. - fixed some floating boxes and barrels in Agroprom
  33. - fixed ai-map in Deadcity (monsters climbed the bridge from the river)
  34. - fixed ai-map for the duty sniper on Garbage outpost
  35. - fixed ai-map on Yantar level
  36. - fixed green glass in windows, jars etc. on r1 (static lightning) render
  37. - fixed shader for lamps on dx10 (bulbs in lamps visible again)
  38. - fixed incorrect calculation of money
  39. - fixed Pripyat secret trader, now he will appear
  40. - fixed crash in DetailManager, often shown on Generators level
  41. - fixed some broken freeplay tasks
  42. - fixed pda buttons (needs testing!)
  43. - fixed missing known info strings (finally!)
  44. - fixed unresponsive bloodsucker on Darkvalley when climbing through hole in roof
  45. - fixed Deedee antidote exploit
  46. - fixed kill statistics
  47. - fixed No available phrase to say, dialog[forg_dolg_raid_dialog_finished]
  48. - fixed rendering crashes on all levels, but mainly related to the last few ones
  49. - fixed transparent window frame on Generators level
  50. - fixed missing Sin house (esc_basement_motor_cache) stash in Escape level
  51. - fixed upgraded icon for PSZ-9Md outfit
  53. Addons:
  54. - added magnum ammo to traders
  55. - added missing map hint for Garbage sniper
  56. - removed anomaly from the middle of the road on Great Metal Factory which made the access to Military level with car very hard
  57. - strelok book can be dropped now, but it will be available in the articles menu as well
  58. - now can buy cars from Outskirts barman
  59. - monster and character relations were tweaked
  60. - slightly increased probability of rain and thunder
  61. - knife hit powers finetuned
  62. - alcohol postprocess effects tweaked
  63. - dx10 render optimized (more will come in later patches)
  64. - added feature: when checking stash with purple icon and not taking all of the items, the icon will change to green and will only be removed if you take all.
  65. - pda chat finetuned, if a participant goes offline, you will see message "connection lost"
  66. - added X18 documents dialog to the "barman" petrenko so that dialog can complete if doing task later.
  67. - made Sin neutral to the actor.
  68. - made Sin hostile towards actor_dolg and dolg

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