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Wednesday, December 1st, 2010 at 12:52:00am UTC 

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  1. Welcome to DISH Network Chat.
  2. (03) HYtechd2 Jennifer C.684: How may I help you?
  3. Boojit Bejeebus: Hi Jennifer. I just received a replacement receiver and I have it all connected and have gone through most of the setup in the included documentation.
  4. (03) HYtechd2 Jennifer C.684: I'd be happy to assist you with your request.
  5. Boojit Bejeebus: I am currently at the step that tells me to contact you to authorize my new receiver, so that is why i am contacting you.
  6. (03) HYtechd2 Jennifer C.684: Okay.
  7. Boojit Bejeebus: right now my receiver is at WARNING 303 "your receiver's memory is now being programmed"
  8. Boojit Bejeebus: oh wait it just went to blue screen i think it might be rebooting
  9. Boojit Bejeebus: yeah it is.
  10. (03) HYtechd2 Jennifer C.684: Please give me just 1-2 minutes while I check on that for you.
  11. Boojit Bejeebus: no problem.
  12. (03) HYtechd2 Jennifer C.684: Thank you.
  13. (03) HYtechd2 Jennifer C.684: In order to do proper troubleshooting we need you to have access to your equipment. Are you currently at home?
  14. Boojit Bejeebus: yes, i did mention that.
  15. (03) HYtechd2 Jennifer C.684: Have you experienced any severe weather, moved any of the equipment, or noticed any other changes that may have caused this problem?
  16. Boojit Bejeebus: right now i am at ATTENTION 129 "your receiver has not been authorized"
  17. Boojit Bejeebus: Jennifer, your response leads me to believe you are not a real person...
  18. Boojit Bejeebus: did you even read any of the text I originally stated when we began this issue?
  19. (03) HYtechd2 Jennifer C.684: Sorry for the inconvenience.
  20. (03) HYtechd2 Jennifer C.684: Press the receiver's front panel "System Info" button.
  22. If the receiver doesn't have a front panel button, remove the Smart Card from the front panel slot.
  25. Enter the Receiver and Smart Card number in Dish Promo and "Finish and Review" .
  28. Press RECORD on the TV1 and TV2 remotes.
  31. Cancel "System Info" to get back to Point Dish .
  32. Boojit Bejeebus: i'm not sure...this doesn't feel right. I feel like this response is from an automated system.
  33. (03) HYtechd2 Jennifer C.684: I do understand your concern.
  34. Boojit Bejeebus: I don't trust this response at all. What happened to authorizing my receiver?
  35. (03) HYtechd2 Jennifer C.684: We need to follow the step.
  36. Boojit Bejeebus: I'm calling in, I don't trust this system. You've done nothing to appease my fear that I'm actually talking to a warm body here and not some automated response system
  37. (03) HYtechd2 Jennifer C.684: Did you add the receiver and smart card number?
  38. (03) HYtechd2 Jennifer C.684: Is there anything else that I can assist you with?
  39. (03) HYtechd2 Jennifer C.684: Thank you for chatting with Dish Network, have a pleasant night!
  40. Boojit Bejeebus: you know what
  41. (03) HYtechd2 Jennifer C.684: Okay.
  42. (03) HYtechd2 Jennifer C.684: May be that is the reason.
  43. Boojit Bejeebus: i just called in, talked to the support IVR...and it activated my receiver
  44. Boojit Bejeebus: I DIDN'T EVEN TALK TO A REAL PERSON
  45. Boojit Bejeebus: so if I am talking to a real person, you need to start doing a better job
  46. (03) HYtechd2 Jennifer C.684: I do understand your concern.
  47. (03) HYtechd2 Jennifer C.684: However you are chatting with the real person.
  48. Boojit Bejeebus: Because I just talked to a robot and in about 30 seconds it activated my receiver.
  49. Boojit Bejeebus: And no you don't understand my concern. Have a good day.
  50. (03) HYtechd2 Jennifer C.684: .
  51. Boojit Bejeebus: if you are a real person, well then you were just outclassed by a robot. Have a great night.
  52. (03) HYtechd2 Jennifer C.684: Boojit, I can assist you.
  53. (03) HYtechd2 Jennifer C.684: I would be happy to assist you.
  54. Boojit Bejeebus: i don't need your assistance. Like I said, your ROBOT fixed it for me. But you're not a robot, right? You're a REAL PERSON correct?
  55. (03) HYtechd2 Jennifer C.684: Sorry for the inconvenience.
  56. (03) HYtechd2 Jennifer C.684: Thank you for chatting with Dish Network, have a pleasant night!
  57. Boojit Bejeebus: you're hilarious. You too "Jennifer".
  58. (03) HYtechd2 Jennifer C.684: .
  59. Boojit Bejeebus: this chat transcript is going straight to reddit...
  60. (03) HYtechd2 Jennifer C.684: .

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Mine (#2007252)

Posted By: CJ

Posted: December 1st, 2010 at 4:25am UTC

That was so totally a bot. If I ever deal with Dish Network, I'll be using the phone.